Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bike Preparation

If you have looked at my trip to California photo diary (view my profile), you'll notice that the bike was not exactly well equipped. Here are some additions that will be going on soon:
Pat Walsh crash bars and oil cooler screen
highway pegs
Stebel 139db air horn
Amplirider audio control box
Auxiliary fuse box
Additional 12v outlet
Givi E36 side cases on SW Motech racks
16 tooth front sprocket
Fender extender
OEM DL1000 seat

Can't wait for some warmer weather

Setting the Date

We haven't set a firm date yet but have two possible times in mind. The last two weeks of June we feel would be great due to the likely hood of reduced tourist traffic and bugs. However there may be some scheduling conflicts so a later date; possibly the end of July might be the choice. Later in the summer means higher temperatures which is a good thing since we are camping much of the way.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How this plan got started

Simple really, Alaska and motorcycles, they simply go together.
Ian and I had our first long distance ride in June 2007. About 20 minutes into the ride (with my jaw aching from the huge grin on my face) I already started planning the next trip. Motorcycle touring will be a big deal for me for a long time. In fact I already have 2009 in my head, but we'll save that one.