Monday, March 17, 2008

Hit counter reset

All this about Obama etc. must have overwhelmed our hit counter provider...they dissapeared so we have a new one. I didn't know how to start it from the current count so we start at one again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Klingon math?

since your post:
8 more people have seen your logic
I re-assembled my bike and ran it for 15 minutes
It snowed 4 f***in' inches
There are 4 fewer days to our trip to Alaska
I googled that "t" word and learned about a small rodent

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol, tits, Obama, Camero, Alaska

O.k., last time I checked there were 183 hists on this site. Let's look at this: According to Google the world population as of July 2007 was 6,602,224,175 That's roughly equal to the number of People magazines or US magazines sold with Britany Spears on the cover. As reported by Google the number of births on the planet earth is 245 per minute while the number of deaths per minute is 110. That means that since July 1st, 2007, according to Google, there have been 90, 316,800 newbies and only 40,550,400 deaths since July 2007. This give us a surplus of 49,766,400 newbies. Now, using Klingon math we find that since July 2007 there are only 368,640 newborns that have a reasonable excuse for not visiting this site. That means that 368,640 divided by 6,602,224,175 multiplied by 100 equals .55835 (Now, we are talking Clingon math which makes no sense to me what so ever) of the total population that have never seen this site. Hence, the cheap verbal horing of Amierican Idol, tits, Obama, Camero and Alaska. O.k,... I googled tits and was quite impressed. 183 and counting...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

When will the snow go away!?

I can't wait to get the bike out. For the time being, I have started installing some accessories. So far I managed to get the Pat Walsh crash bars and oil cooler guard installed, as well as the SW Motech luggage racks. The Walsh stuff was an easy install but I managed to cross thread a bolt during the Motech install. All is well now except for the temperature outside is not cooperating.