Friday, June 27, 2008

Three weeks and counting.....

It is indeed geeting close. My ride to B.C. was fantastic and the bike worked perfectly. I learned a few tips regarding travelling light and got a feel for the new handlebars. I got the windshield working right so I don't have to use the big parachute Givi windscreen. A new rear tire is on order. Can't wait!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weather link for Alask and Region

Hope this works. Just something to consider on a daily basis as we get closer to "Mush!"

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's getting closer. I can Feel it.

So, the children have graduated; the computer system rebuilt; all birthdays celebrated, and the grass has been cut. It's time to change my focus to our upcoming trip.
After a good deal of research I have found the best gear for this trip at Mountain Co-op on 124th street. A girl named Karen was a HUGE help. I have a list of exactly what I will be purchasing.
I still need a new front tire for my bike. I'm going to add lowers, but I'm uncertain (still) as to whether or not I should put on a shield. I've ridden for 25 years without.
I've decided to travel Ultra-light for this trip.
1 pot
1 change of clothes
rain gear
xtra fuel cell
usual small stuff like matches/pens, rag etc.
I'll completly refine the list as I go. I usually end up carrying far more than I ever need or use. Hopefully I'll get it all "just right"

Have fun on your Shake-down, Dave!