Friday, August 1, 2008

Avoiding another disaster

Today we left Toad River and found that the Alaska highway has some great stretches of twisties.

We really had fun until after Fort Nelson when I pulled over to find out what the racket was. My chain was so loose it was banging on the swing arm...or so I thought. I tried to move to a safe spot when my clutch lever became limp. It turned out the master link broke on one side and broke the clutch actuator shaft in half...Oh nooo! After much stress on the shoulder of the Alaska highway, we managed to install the spare master link when a bus load of hippies stopped and loaned us some tools. Ian used electrical tape to tape the shaft together and we decided to forge ahead. Using the clutch only when absolutely required we went another 350km before stopping in Ft. St. John for the night in a hotel with actual hot water.

Tomorrow might find more trouble but I think we might make it home for Saturday.

Sorry no pics of this event as we were literally on the shoulder of the highway doing the repair as fast as we could. Amazing how so many people fly by without slowing down or moving over.

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