Thursday, July 24, 2008




July 23
We slept in this morning and got started at 11:00am after we had lunch at Fast Eddies in Tok. From there we rode the Tok cut off to Valdez. An extremely cold day today as we climbed the Thomson pass riding past glaciers and beautiful waterfalls.




Only 400km but a long day just the same due to the cold and rain. We arrived in Valdez with the temp at 8 degrees. Tomorrow we take the ferry to Whittier and a day of respite from the cold. Hopefully the weather improves as we head west.


Hockey Monkey said...

Hi Guys. I LOVE all the pix...especially the waterfall; the Alaska sign & the "sleeping" bear :-). I think it's FAB that you 2 are off doing your Manly Man Thing and lovin' every minute of it. Good to have Techo Dave around to share all the cool stuff (instead of it just being trapped inside Ian's noggin). Chuck & I will be heading off to our "less exciting" trip to Calgary for a BBQ this weekend. My thrill-seeking adventure will consist of consuming copious amounts of Sangria & Gourmet nibblies. LUV & HUGS (Cindi K) xoxo-yo

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys!

Thanks for the super pictures! There sure is some gorgeous scenery up there!

Enjoy your time in the thriving megalopolis of Whittier! The tunnel's pretty impressive. As I recall, down from the pier, there's a row of little shops. One of them has great ice cream!

Bro G